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 Our Community priority includes social enterprises, projects about human rights, democracy and active citizenship along with other funded initiatives that enhance entrepreneurial skills and charity causes. This priority is made up of experienced individuals, experts and businesses


 Education is at the cornerstone of our future development. We invest in people through various educational and research opportunities, offering educational programs, skill and competence-building activities and educational social innovation. Projects are funded either from private funding sources but also from funding frameworks by the European Commission.


 Initiatives of OTI Group which monitors our planet by looking for sustainability and environmental problems.  We strive to provide information, and articles about current environmental issues, perspectives and actions the scientific and political environment have established. This is actualised by implementing specific sustainable projects.


 We aim to create employment opportunities to overcome the huge unemployment we face in our world. Through our initiatives, social enterprises and network of partners, we aim to reduce unemployment. We will also invest in the most innovative business ideas and projects to boost our economies and increase our employment potential.

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Launching into a new era of cryptocurrency based on community values to make our community stronger and greater. Moving with the times and adapting to the needs of our society.

We are proud to present OTI Community Project Token.

Our Core Priorities


OTI - One Terrene International

for Mobilities, Internships, Projects, Funding Frameworks, Opportunities

OTI Group

for Investment, Business Ventures, and other Initiatives

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