The OCP Token Philosophy

The OCP Token Philosophy 

Using the model of a circular economy in the crypto world

In creating a cryptocurrency of our own, we explored the crypto world and scrutinised almost every crypto coin and token created, looking at what their objectives were.  None of them matched what we wanted to do, some had amazing concepts and others were just different.  We wanted to create a cryptocurrency that would benefit everyone, from the supporters to the average person on the street.

How can we use this amazing development of crypto to make the world better?  As an organisation we believe in a circular economy, maximising the output while minimising the waste, so why not implement this model into our crypto project?  And that is how the concept of OCP Token was born.


What does this mean exactly?

Many people have some extra money set aside, either in a bank account or under their pillow, saving for a rainy day or for investment later in life.  In most cases, this money does not even earn interest. 

Let’s say, an average person has €1000 saved for that rainy day.  Let OCP Token use that money to establish industries and businesses that our communities need, ensuring they are sustainable, profitable and can employ people.  This way money is used for the needs of the community, it employs people, thus boosting the economy, and you still hold the equivalent in OCP Token.  When your rainy day comes, you can sell some or all of your OCP Token and do what you need, and you have helped make your community stronger.

Simple right?

Now there are many questions that some might ask because this really seems too perfect to be true.  Yet, it’s often the simplest things that make the most sense and that work best.  Using the model of a circular economy, we ensure a win-win situation for everyone.



Our Goal: Make every day better, for everyone


What if the industries/businesses fail?

There is never a guarantee that a business will be successful and this is why we don’t put all our eggs in one basket, we spread our investments across multiple ventures to ensure stability.  We have a strong team of experts behind every investment and we do the needed studies before we start or invest in any venture, thus reducing the risks of failure and ensuring success.  We also have a few tricks up our sleeves, that can’t be shared in public, they have worked, are working for us, and will continue to work towards the success of all our projects.

How can we guarantee that OCP Token will not devaluate?

There is no guarantee for any financial instrument be it crypto, stocks and share or any other commodity to succeed, yet if there is support for it, then there is no reason it should fail.  We have seen our community support our project, and the projects we undertake, so we are extremely confident in our token, with the support of our community, and us constantly proving our dedication to the community through the projects we undertake, our support will only grow, and thus OCP Token will receive the support from the community. 

This is our opinion and you should always do your research before investing in any product.